Having Pneumonia and being forced to lay in bed for a week has given me the time to revamp my website and to start building a larger fanbase. It is another example of taking the opportunity to succeed. What many people don't know is that when I started writing the first Doodles book, I did so while holding a screaming baby in one hand and my phone in the other. I would painstakingly type one letter at a time on my phone and then email it to myself and edit on my computer. Ninety percent of my book was written on my phone, a task that was no easy feat. This serves as a real life example that if you want to succeed, no matter what obstacles or responsibilities you have, you can make it happen. I was able to multi task and find a way to pursue my book while still being a good father and taking care of my kid.

     When I first reached out to a school to speak I had no idea what I was doing. I didn't know how much to charge, what to do or say in presentations, and there were butterflies in my stomach. After my first talk, I discovered I had a natural speaking ability. I was able to blend comedy into my talks and had a strong ability to read my audience. The kids were engaged and learned a lot. It was the best feeling in the world to know that I had made a difference. Now I get fan email, schools reaching out to me to come talk, and know that I am spreading inspiration and education to kids all over the country. Entire classrooms and schools are reading my books. I never thought I would make it this far and hope that this wonderful journey never ends!