So excited to announce the release of my YA Dystopian book SHIP OF SECRETS! I have received tremendous feedback from readers. Working hard on book number two.


In the near future, humanity is thrust into the Great War, a nuclear holocaust that destroys all but one ship. That repurposed battleship, the last bastion of humanity, is capable of carrying its five thousand passengers, all that is left of mankind. Miranda Watkins, a teenager, is one of those passengers who was born on the ship, knowing no other life, yet destined to play a crucial role in its fate. Before her Choosing Ceremony, she unravels a sinister plot that leads her on a wild search for answers. Nothing is as it seems on the ship. The more she digs, the darker the secrets become, and the more danger Miranda finds herself in.



11/15/2017 11:21pm

Based on the synopsis that you have posted, I assure that the book focused on the lessons of life and the possible things that might happen if we don't stop doing bad things we do nowadays. Though considered under a fictional type of story, there are lessons that represent reality we should all adopt. Our situation is getting worst from time to time, and we should not let this happen. I am hoping the book will discuss the right things to do in regards with this matter!


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