Multitasking is so essential nowadays- we all have so many responsibilities, family, finances, work, things that get in the way of things we really care about. Let’s say for instance you always dreamed about writing a book. I always did, ever since I was little. Then one day I had an “AHAH!” moment and realized I was just thinking about it but not actually putting my thoughts and dreams into action. The book wasn’t going to write itself. The problem was that work was very stressful, my life was full of more and more responsibilities, and I had a newborn baby. I remember I was running on such little sleep and had to walk the baby a lot at night because every time I tried to put her down she would cry. I was so tired that by the time I finally got her to sleep I just wanted to curl up in bed and sleep because I didn’t know when she would wake up next. I went through several months of this and kept thinking that I would just push it off. I thought I could always get around to it one day.

    Finally I thought of a great idea. This is where multi-tasking comes in. I decided that while I walk the baby in my arms in the middle of the night, I could write my book on my phone, one painstaking word at a time. Then, when I had an opportunity I could transfer it to the computer and edit. I was then multitasking and bringing my dream closer to reality where I thought I didn’t have any time.

     People don’t realize that by multi-tasking you can find time for the things you love or the goals you have. I don’t have a specific example to help each of you, but try and use my real life story to reassess your situations. Determine your goals or things you have been putting off and think of ways to combine your daily tasks to fit them in. You will need to be creative with this.

     Because of pushing through and multi-tasking, I am now a published author of three books and one more forthcoming.



11/11/2016 10:39am

Multitasking really has a lot of benefits. I believe having the ability to multitask benefits us because it stimulates our creativity, sharpens our mind. It also improves and adds confidence to us because we prove that mountain of things are accomplished and the result is successful because this does save time and money and improves our productivity as well.

06/24/2017 7:33am

I think all of us should be able to multi task well if we follow our schedules religiously. This includes rest and sleep time. We won't be able to function at our 100% if we will not have enough rest. Also, if we rest at the same hour everyday, we will be able to plan our day ahead. While not all of us can do two different things at the same time, we can add more working hours to be able to finish all these tasks if we are organized.


Multi-tasking can save a lot of your time! And it helps you to be productive!


Where can I read your books? So interesting, I'd like to know what are you writing about!

Russell Bernstein
04/12/2017 5:04pm

04/05/2017 4:58am

First of all you should defeat your laziness. This is my case.

04/28/2017 3:45am

Multitasking is a "double-edged sword," there are many examples of articles and the benefits and dangers of such actions.

10/12/2017 12:21am

Women are more into multitasking.

10/12/2017 1:28am

Which is the reason our laptops are multitasking supported.


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