I have always been fascinated with fantasy and magic, the telling of stories that can take your imagination to new heights. Why should students read dull books, when they can read fun, entertaining books with strong moral lessons? I picked a theme that is dear to my heart due to both personal experiences and from friends, and I placed it into a magical world that I created, a world that was both a mix of reality and an amazingly fun magic system. I created characters that were faced with bullies and other evil doers so that my readers can be emboldened by the fact that these characters overcome these obstacles, not by popularity or athleticism, but by creativity, power of friendship, and their purity of heart.

     My talks at schools make me feel like I am truly making a difference. I have students ask the most amazing questions, really thought-provoking ones, and the way in which they share their own personal experiences makes me realize my talks and my books are reaching them. They are actually interested, not only in the entertainment value of the books, but also from the lessons the books  provide. When a student comes up to me after my talks, or sends me and email letting me know that they feel more comfortable talking to someone about bullying, I take great happiness in knowing I made a difference.

     It is amazing how intuitive students are at such a young age. They truly grasp the concept of bullying and are malleable to advice and teachings that provide tools and tactics to cope with bullying. The message I try to impart the most is to set up an open discourse between family members. Setting up a support network prior to something going wrong is key to survive bullying or stress. A parent can tell their children that they are able to tell them anything, BUT, and this is KEY, if they don't feel comfortable talking about a certain subject, here is a list of people they can talk to. Having that support network in place is key.

     I intend to keep writing more and more books with fun characters and storyline, all with the intention for kids to feel more confident dealing with bullying and recognizing the power of true friendship.

I started doing interviews in order to raise awareness of bullying and for people to see and be emboldened by the fact that others are sharing their stories. I want it to show others that they are not alone, that others have gone through bullying and are stronger for it. Perhaps these stories will make others feel more confident to speak up and get the help they need, that victims of bullying will no longer stay silent and face it alone. There are many of us against bullying and we will stand strong and united. I love incorporating standing up to bullying themes in my books as well as the power of friendship and how friends can help each other overcome anything.